I’ve been doing graphic design and copy editing since working on my high school newspaper. For a decade in-house graphic design in the telecom industry was my bread and butter employment. During most other times graphic design has been for my jam in addition to other full-time work.

However, I’m not the type of designer who creates totally original artwork. Nor is original logo creation a strength unless you have a clear concept of what you want. These types of original digital art require a brain wired differently than mine!

Although I’m slowly learning web design, I’m quite capable of getting images ready for the web. My experience focuses primarily on designing for print, coupled with creating PowerPoint presentations. It may sound weird, but I really enjoy designing forms.

I enjoy solving the puzzle of pulling the pieces of projects together and editing copy, especially when a client has a clear concept of what they need. In a marketing or advertising firm, I would be known as a production artist, not a design artist.

If you have a project in mind, let’s discuss whether it’s a good fit for my skills.