Fertility Phases

Live in harmony with your natural cycles of fertility.

Although conception is possible only a few days each cycle, a woman is told to either use nonhormonal on-demand birth control every time she has sex or take hormones to suppress ovulation.

In Fertility Phases workshops and coaching sessions, Helena teaches how to manage one’s fertility by observing and interpreting its physical signs.

Confidently ditch condoms, gels and devices most of the time and still avoid pregnancy.

Target the best days for conception.

Fertility awareness methods can adapt to all reproductive phases:
– when beginning cycles during adolescence
– coming off hormone-based contraception
– after childbirth
– during breastfeeding and perimenopause cycle craziness
– varying cycle lengths

Helena also offers private energy healing sessions to help you prepare for conception and heal issues around childbirth, abortion and infertility.

My Story

I have been fascinated by sexuality and fertility since my early teens.

My mother started working a swing shift outside the home when I was in 5th grade. As the oldest I was in charge of 2 younger brothers and ensuring household chores were done before our father came home. Like any curious kid, I snooped in my parents’ bedroom while my brothers were busy doing their thing.

At first Mom’s jewelry box was fun, as was dressing up in her clothes and using her makeup. Dad’s gun belt used for whippings was not. Checking out the nightstand drawer by where my mother slept opened a whole new chapter in my life.

It was a gold mine! Packages of condoms. A diaphragm in its case and contraceptive jelly. Two books: a marriage manual and “American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report.”

This was all right on time for what I needed to know. Sexually, I had been out of the chute early, starting breast development in 3rd grade and my first period at age 10. In our rural area, I attracted the attention of the older boys and I was attracted to them.

Bit by bit I devoured every word of those 2 books, learning about sexuality, sexual behaviors, sexual positions, fertility, conception, birth control – rhythm method, condoms, diaphragms, withdrawal – and more. Not typical reading material for a middle school aged girl, and oh so educational.

Understanding the rhythm method and having regular cycles protected me from pregnancy for many years! At the same time, I knew many large Catholic families who relied strictly upon the rhythm method. Birth control was only for married couples and not available to a single young woman.

Even as a teen, it didn’t make sense that the Creator would place us on this Earth as sexual beings without the means to manage our fertility. There had to be another way.