Astrology & Human Design System

Every person’s birth comes with a user manual that can be decoded using the archetypal tools of Astrology and Human Design System.

Your natal chart and body graph describe what you came into this life to accomplish along with your strengths and challenges.

Transits show the timing of life lessons.

A reading with Helena to interpret your unique “wiring” is a great starting place for other energy healing work.


My Story

My astrological journey started in the early 70’s when a new friend did my chart and introduced me to Alan Oken’s trilogy of astrology books (later repackaged as Alan Oken’s Complete Guide to Astrology). I quickly accumulated the stack of the used reference books needed to cast a birth chart by hand and started doing charts for family and friends. Now software can create the chart itself in a less than a minute. A synthesized interpretation is another matter as it is both a skill and an art.

Returning to Portland, Oregon in 1988, I discovered the Oregon Astrological Association (OAA) a few years later. While attending my first lecture I quickly realized how at home I felt with this community. A year later, I was elected to the volunteer board of directors as the newsletter editor, then added webmaster, secretary and finally president over the years. Serving on the board included free admission to the monthly lectures and workshops which were held the same weekends when my young daughters were at their father’s. I felt like the Universe was supporting my astrological studies.

For 9 years, I learned from some of astrology’s top local, regional, national and international teachers, several of whom authored astrology books. I even spent one summer studying with Alan Oken. As a struggling single parent, I couldn’t afford tuition for his 2 non-OAA sponsored class series. More support from the Universe arrived when Alan generously gifted me the tuition in exchange for providing his transportation. The OAA president called with this news just as I finished thanking the Universe for providing the funds for his classes. To this day, Alan’s reading of my chart is still the best ever.

In 2007 I was introduced to Human Design. HDS combines astrology, I Ching hexagrams, chakras, Kabbalah Tree of Life, genetic codons, and quantum physics. It is a contemporary revealed teaching transmitted by “the Voice” to its founder over the course of a week. Through HDS I have gained insights into my user manual beyond that of traditional astrology. At this time the OAA was primarily sponsoring only monthly lectures. Once again the Universe stepped in to support me when I won the raffle drawing for tuition to Zeno’s weekend workshop. She is the person who had brought the HDS founder to the US and was in the first US group of certified HDS consultants. This past year I have studied online with Chetan Parkyn of Evolutionary Human Design, author of several HDS books and another member of that first group of US consultants. Karen Curry Parker of Quantum Human Design is another HDS favorite teacher.